From the start of his revolutionary journey, Rohayl has been struggling vigorously to do his part as a focused social activist and program coordinator with a strong commitment to serving the needs of normal and disadvantaged youth and adults alike, including homeless, emancipated youth and special-needs populations. He pledges all that he has towards helping his country and humanity as a whole.

He has long thought about the existing system of education and concluded that it does not provide or convey social, moral and ethical values to the learning youths of the nation. So he believes that he must create awareness amongst citizens about the great necessity and virtues of unity so that all can work as a united force to help in the development of our nation in every strata. Pakistanis must be educated regarding importance of patriotism and should make no compromises when it comes to retaining the national dignity and respect. In Pakistan, politics is banned in educational institutes. Thus, it is the need of the hour that everyone is educated concerning the topic so that they may develop a strong mindset towards an unwavering political system.

Equal Rights:

To Rohayl, discrimination is an enemy. He doesn't care about which caste, sect or religion one belongs to. All these don’t make a difference. Each individual has his own rights as a human and citizen of a free country. They should live in a society where they are able to rely upon the fact that they can live their lives with freedom and dignity. They should be able to feel like they are being given love and respect from anyone belonging to any caste, rather than feeling like a stranger in an inhospitable environment. Apart from that, the wealthy should also not be distinguished from the poor as God will not judge man by his wealth and power, but by his good intentions and deeds. Also if the wealthy strata of the society don’t have good personalities or intentions, how can the society prosper? Thus, having good intentions will benefit in all aspects in this life and in the Here-After. Rohayl has the will power to stand up against injustice whether the oppressor is influential or not.

Re-defining Youth:

Although most people don’t see it, but Rohayl has realized that educating the youths proves tremendously vital because they are the generation in whose hands the world will be in the future. The youths must live according to the Quaid’s motto to create a prosperous Pakistan in the future. They are at the stage of learning and all good values must be fed into their minds because if the youths don’t step up now, dreams of a bright future will never become a reality. So before it’s too late, he urges the youth to join hands together and be prepared to be the upcoming care-takers of the world that will bring a positive change. Hence, Rohayl is trying his best to empower the youths of the nation and worldwide to speak up and raise their voice through sessions, seminars, campaigns, debates and competitions for achieving the goal which has only remained a dream in young minds until now.

These are the objectives that Rohayl strives for.